Vervet Forest Volunteer

We just need you to say YES

We are looking for passionate, driven volunteers to each come up with their own fundraising intiatives to raise a min of £1000 each (3500 Euros ,$1500, R20,000) (equivalent of one hectare of forest) within 6 months.

We are creating a digital map of the forest where each hectare will be mapped out with the individual's name / company who has helped purchase each hectare of land.

In addition should you raise enough funds to purchase one hectare of land you will receive the following as a thank you from us:

  • Your name on a plaque at the forest under 'Vervet Forest' volunteers
  • A Vervet Forest t-shirt & certificate
  • Your name on a brick at the volunteer social cottage at the VMF which will forever be a reminder of your contribution to the monkeys you have helped.
  • A sense of achievement and purpose knowing you have helped create something amazing for these primates and their habitat.
  • An invitation to the Vervet Forest on completion to view what you have helped create.

A big thank you to Vervet Forest volunteers Benoit Reynaud, Manon Schnyder & Ellie Markowski who have already contributed toward one hectare of land.

Please do add your suggestions to the facebook page so we can compile a creative list of ways in which people can help.

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Your name could be on one of these bricks representing one hectare of landYour name could be on one of these bricks representing one hectare of land

The Vervet Forest vision - Josie Du Toit

The Vervet Monkey Foundation’s vision has always been to release the rehabilitated vervets living within formed stable troops at the VMF back to freedom. Now we are turning the dream into a reality. The project is bigger than us and the focus for a long time has been to ensure the monkeys in our care are looked after to the highest standards possible before undertaking such a large project. We are looking for pro-active, determined people to get involved in the drive to Vervet Forest.

The name 'Vervet Forest' and the start of the campaign was originally created by Alasdair Davies. This year Kyle Salazar, a film Director from Los Angeles (& previous volunteer from 2007) approached us with an incredible proposal for a movie which made us realise that the Vervet Forest dream can come alive again with enough people taking action.

VervetThe aim of the Vervet Forest is to purchase a 300-500 hectare indigenous bush area within South Africa to be able to release some of these troops into a protected safe area. The forest would not just provide a safe home to the monkeys who were once victims of the human race but to a whole host of other plant and animal life. Unfortunately, there is not much safe land without human habitation left in South Africa as much of the privately owned land is often used for game, farming or hunting reserves.

There is yet more to the Vervet Forest project. We wish to have a small conference centre on the site away from the monkeys and wildlife that will enable us to hold International transitional workshops which will teach people everything there is to know about how to make lifestyle changes to help the planet and animals. Transformational workshops will show people how to become more compassionate towards animals and humans and how to inspire others to do the same. Environmental workshops will include how to live in harmony with nature and co-exist peacefully whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Veterinary and primate courses will be held enabling behavioural and pre and post release research to be conducted. These workshops will help self-sustain the forest whilst providing much needed education and awareness across the globe. The forest will be a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity for what these animals deserve after the tragedies they have once suffered. It will be an icon for people to respect all life.

We are confident we can fulfil this vision with the help and interest of others. We already have trusted wildlife veterinarians and primatology teams on board to ensure the rehabilitation is carried out to the highest standard. The VMF is internationally recognised being a member of Pan African Sanctuary Alliance and a verified Global Federations of Animal Sanctuaries in Africa.

Our question is, how would you like to be a part of this incredible vision and movie?
Josie (Co-Director / Rehabilitator) & Dave Du Toit (Founder & Co-Director)

Leon was being sold on the side of the road and arrived at the VMF recently, he has the potential to be released into the Vervet Forest with Skrow TroopLeon was being sold on the side of the road and arrived at the VMF recently, he has the potential to be released into the Vervet Forest with Skrow Troop