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VMF Vegan Challenge - take action for vervets, other animals and their habitat

VMF Vegan Challenge

We are looking for volunteers to go vegan for one month. The official start date is during World Vegan month 1st Nov - 1st December each year but you can take part anytime of the year.

  • You will need to be committed to raise a min of R500 for the VMF in the way of sponsorship – we will e-mail you a sponsorship form
  • You will need to be prepared to share your experience with us
  • You will need to advertise this event or write a story for your local media to help raise further funds and spread awareness for the monkeys
  • You will need to watch the suggested video to understand why you are going vegan for a month.

In return you will:

  • receive a free VMF veggie / vegan recipe book & know you have helped the vervets further
  • be able to join the facebook events page and chat to others who are also taking part
  • help to reduce animal cruelty worldwide
  • help reduce environmental impact
  • help prevent habitat destruction & loss for wildlife
  • be helping poverty in the third world
  • have lots of health & emotional benefits
  • be able to eat guilt free and live consciously

Please e-mail Josie if you would like to take part with your address. Please also encourage friends and family and share the links on your blogs and facebook. The more who take part the more we can help the monkeys, their habitat and other animals.

You can join the event on our facebook group where you can also chat to others doing the challenge on the link below:

Click here for the VMF Vegan Challenge facebook events page

If you are unable to take part then you may wish to sponsor somebody else or help advertise the event in your local or national news. Please e-mail to request a copy of an article to publish.

Click here for report and results of the 2011 Challenge

Fundraising / Wish list

If you need any help with fundraising, would like us to e-mail you a sponsorship form or would like a list of items we currently need, please contact

Please open a copy of our current wish list if you would like to help:
Latest Wish List

If you can help with sponsorship of these items, please contact or use our click to donate button.

Collection boxes

We have VMF collection boxes available that can be placed on counters at your workplace or university for example. Please contact if you would like one of if you are holding a fundraising event.

Achievements in 2008

Completion of the James Enclosure April 2008
A Microscope with built in camera for sickbay May 2008
9 new side cages and Camelot enclosure