Vervet Monkey Foundation - monkey sanctuary

How can you help

There are a number of ways in which you can support the foundation and help provide for the hundreds of vervet monkeys in our care. Our ongoing projects such as Vervet Forest and Monkey Watch are dependant on volunteers, with injured monkeys medical expenses dependant on kind contributions.

1. Volunteer

Volunteering at the Foundation is probably the most beneficial as not only does your financial contribution go to aiding the monkeys but we have the extra needed hands to help with all the various ongoing tasks at the foundation - Please download our brochure for more information if you are interested in helping in this way.

2. Contribute regularly / donate

Financial Contributions are always welcome and due to the foundation having mainly volunteer staff, 90% of all contributions go directly to creating and improving facilities for the monkeys. You can also e-mail us for our latest wish list of items that we are in need of such as medical supplies and items for the orphans.

If you would like to make a financial contribution you can deposit it directly into our South African Bank Account:

Vervet Monkey Foundation
First National Bank
Account number: 62352498333
Branch code: 250655
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Or if you are having trouble, via our UK Account:

UK account details:
Lloyds TSB
Vervet Monkey Foundation
Account number: 17991360
Sort code: 77-25-02

Or via the Click to Donate button - please e-mail us if you have made a contribution with your name, amount and date of donation - Thank You.