Vervet Monkey Foundation - monkey sanctuary

Vervet Monkey Foundation Sponsors

The Vervet Monkey Foundation would like to thank all of its sponsors for their continued support.

With your dedicated support we can rehabilitate and provide sanctuary to over 500, orphaned, injured, abused, ex-laboratory or unwanted pet vervet monkeys.

Helping our monkeys Naturally
Our sponsor towards Infection Control:
SteriTech Residual Infection Protection
International sponsors:
AMCF - Animal Medical Care Centre
Worldwide Veterinary Service

Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Help Still needed:

If you are able to help with sponsorship or donation of items please don't hesitate to contact us. We are in need of supplies for the monkeys such as fruit & veg, babymilk, bottles, materials and tools for construction of enclosures, medical supplies for our sickbay, cabins for our volunteers, tools. a vehicle and many more items as well as needing funds for our ongoing projects such as vervet forest, monkey patrol, education and our census.

Please contact if you are able to help.
Thank You